JTNH : dedicated to the industrial SME transfer

More than 15 years of successful experience

in various industrial fields. JTNH is a recognized player in the transfer of small and
medium-sized industrial companies. Our structure is based in France and Portugal. It relies on a strong international network of long term relationships, established project after project.

JTNH has an exclusive knowhow of the plastics, mechanical and electronic industries, especially on the technical and strategic levels.



Perspectives et sérénités

JTNH demonstrates concrete creativity and vision through established, solid and strong relationships.

To bring to its clients: perspectives, action, and serenity.

Our missions are in the interest of the shareholder managers but they also reinforce the durability of the companies. Here are
some of the issues on which we intervene:

  • Market analyzis
  • Strategic support
  • Business plan setting
  • Material presentation (infomemo, duediligence, etc.)
  • Screening of the players
JTNH-ligne-de-pro duction

JTNH acts with efficiency, independence and under cover of the strictest confidentiality.

Our “modus operandi” combines transparency, trust and commitment.

The JTNH’s team will understand the specific challenges
related to your company and will accompany you step by step to build and realize your strategic project. Our actions also have as a priority to defend your interests and those of your company.

” To build a project with JTNH is to benefit from a unique and efficient approach. ”

Experienced team

That is committed to your success.

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En toute confidentialité.

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8 rue Tony Ferret, 01000 Bourg-en-Bresse