Selling process

JTNH builds the project with you and then manages it.


accompagnement personnalisé


After working for many years with passion and commitment, you want to sell your company, the work of a lifetime.
JTNH is at your side to guide you step by step through this complex process which includes an important human dimension. 

By understanding what is important to you and your business, JTNH helps you to pass on your business in a sustainable way
while realizing your assets.

The JTNH approach



Identify the best French or foreign industrial and financial buyers

Define the momentum favorable to the sale

Prepare the useful documentation for the operation (KPI, presentation, dataroom, etc.)

Conducting negotiations


Effectively approaching counterparties

Defend a high valuation and solid industrial projects

Interacting effectively with your existing advisors

Finalization & realization


Carrying out the mission in a short timeframe while preserving confidentiality

Be at your side throughout the process to help you make the right decisions

+ more than 80 successful transaction,

JTNH has developed and tested its own methods.

Our team is your voice throughout the process of transferring your business. We act for you with the strictest confidentiality.

Discretion avoids disrupting your company, your teams and your various partners.

” We defend your interests by your side and in permanent interaction with your existing advisors. “

” We guarantee an optimal conduct of the negotiations and the implementation process.”

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