Survey and market research

JTNH relies on strong multi-sector expertise to provide you with the best marketing and strategic analysis. A true partner in your success, JTNH conducts tailored studies for you to inform your decision-making.

With a dozen studies carried out each year, our team is particularly experienced and well versed in the industrial sectors.
JTNH - étude de marché

JTNH uses established industry analyses and methods, a network of intelligence specialists, and delivers specific policy recommendations.

This expertise leads us to be invited or become a member of a strategic committee.

Our team supports you in your organic or external development. Our study approach is as close as possible to the adequacy of supply and demand, through qualitative and quantitative analyses.

  • Market research in complex environments (technical – industrial environments) 
  • Product or activity launch 
  • Market intelligence and competitive positioning 
  • Sector market potential 
  • Searching for key partnerships 
  • Defining an operational business strategy 
  • Strategic refocusing Surveys – survey via our activity

The delivered information provided are: 

  • Rigorous and consistent 
  • Exclusive and independent 
  • Clear and friendly 

Our commitment has led us to create SELLS, dedicated to the sales force in industrial environments. 

“We make our studies ever more efficient by implementing the associated operational and commercial actions, on your behalf!”

Preferred areas 

With technical and strategic reading, JTNH understands your environment and your specific issues. We are able to provide you with strategic directions and strong operational action plans. 

Our clients are mainly SME managers and funds that have stakes in industrial SMEs.

JTNH has extensive expertise in a wide range of technical and industrial sectors, including: 


injection, blowing, thermoforming, etc.


general, tooling molder, cutting, turning, etc.


wiring, CMS installation, etc.

Advanced industries

BE, aéronautique,…