M&A sell-side

After working for many years with passion and commitment, you want to give up your business, the work of a lifetime.

JTNH is at your side to guide you step by step on this complex journey that includes an important human dimension.

JTNH chisels with you the most relevant project and then organizes it and makes it happen with you. By understanding what is important to you and your business, JTNH helps you pass on your business by sustaining it while realizing your wealth.

JTNH - M&A sell-side

Some key points of the JTNH approach

  • Specialization in small and midcap transactions (2 to 50 €M sales)
  • Set with you the best time to start the operation 
  • Find the best French or foreign buyers, industrial and financial
  • Prepare the documentation useful to the operation (company valuation, presentation, creation of a dataroom, etc.)
  • Defending a high valuation
  • Complete the mission in a short time that preserves confidentiality
  • Lead the negotiations and provide you with a psychological relay to help you make the right decisions Interact effectively
  • Interact effectively together but also with your existing boards

With more than 80 sell-side deal completed, JTNH has implemented and tested its own methods.

A strong-armed arm, you can rely on our team throughout the process of divesting your business. We act for you with the strictest confidentiality.

Discretion avoids disrupting your business, your teams and your various partners.

“We defend your interests in constant interaction with your existing advice. This ensures that negotiations and implementation processes are conducted in the most efficient way.”