M&A buy-Side

Consolidate your strategic positions or accelerate your development by focusing on external growth.

Buying a business is a great way to grow quickly and prepare for tomorrow's challenges. External growth operations allow you to strengthen market positions, increase its geographical footprint or reach a critical size.

Our international presence and networks of specialists, combined with an in-depth understanding of entrepreneurs’ issues, offer you a world of opportunities to achieve one or more external growths. 

JTNH helps you acquire businesses that may or may not be in the process of divestment. 

JTNH has a portfolio of identified opportunities and a unique research cell.
We have put in place a formidable system for identifying the most relevant targets. We initiate and lead negotiations to help you find the perfect compromise.

JTNH - société humaine

Some key points of the JTNH approach :

  • Specialization in small and midcap transactions companies (2 to 50 €M sales)
  • Defining specifications (Strategic Review, Potential Markets, Competitive Environment, Identification and Definition of Acquisition Criteria, Strategic Plan Development, Analysis of Growth Options, etc.) 
  • Finding relevant targets:
    Identifying potential targets, approaching these targets, strategic and financial business analysis of selected targets, assessing synergies
  • Shareholder Executives approach
  • Conducting negotiations with efficiency and pragmatism
  • Intervention capacity in France, Western Europe and North America

“By implementing external growth projects; we help our clients capture new markets, reduce customer/market dependency, increase your investment capabilities or strengthen innovation. “

Beyond the high-level tools and techniques, we have a strong entrepreneurial and psychological sensitivity.

This subtle dosage allows us to initiate operations with non-sales executives in France and internationally.

We operate mainly in the context of SMEs and ETIs that are looking to reach a critical size – “build up” or group building.

Speed of execution being a major issue, we have a dedicated multichannel watch. Our system monitors movements in our preferred sectors on a daily basis.