Fund raising

For many years, JTNH has developed and maintained privileged relationships with investors, industrial groups, investment funds or even reference economic players who are likely to participate in fundraisers.

In this regard, JTNH has an excellent view of their strategic objectives, portfolios and stakeholder investment criteria.
JTNH - capital entreprises et PME

JTNH intervenes in the context of capital restructuring – raising funds, capital advisory, financing advice

In addition to strengthening the financial feasibility of a project, JTNH helps you to obtain the best possible conditions for each case by taking into account the particularities of the situations encountered.

Fundraising provides additional resources to implement a structuring strategy, such as external growth.

Examples :

  • Exit of a portion of the shareholders
  • Family owned company capital reorganization
  • Capital reorganization
  • Capital overhaul (exit from a portion of shareholders) Integration of managers into capital
  • Fundraising for a strong development project 
  • Capital increase 
jtnh - levée de fonds

Some key points of the JTNH approach:

  • Set with you the best time to start the operation
  • Find the best potential investors (investment funds, industrialists, business angels, banks, etc.)
  • To compete with projects in order to optimize the conditions of fundraising (value, relution/dilution mechanisms, management package, guarantees, shareholder pact, governance, liquidity clauses…) or debt relief (rate, maturity, guarantees, covenants, commissions…).
  • Prepare the documentation for the transaction (company valuation, financial mechanisms, control, presentation, creation of a dataroom, etc.)
  • Defending a high valuation
  • Complete the mission in a short time  that preserves confidentiality
  • Lead the negotiations and provide you with a psychological relay to help you make the right decisions 
  • Interact effectively together but also with your usual advisor
  • Operating in France, Western Europe and North America