With more than 35 years of cumulated experiences in the industrial world at to level management; JTNH became a referred M&aA firm in the industrial small and midcap.

We are base in France and Portugal and relies on strong international network we built project by project.

JTNH - industrie haute précision

JTNH has exclusive and strong skills of the plastics, mechanics, and electronics industries. 

JTNH assists shareholder executives and financial players (investment funds, private equity, private investors, etc.) in their divestment and external growth operations in France, Western Europe and North America.

JTNH provides tailored, experienced and operational advice through a strong industrial expertise.

JTNH - entreprise dimension humaine

JTNH demonstrates concrete creativity and vision through established, strong relationships, to bring its customers vision, action and serenity.

Our missions are in the best interest of shareholder executives. They also strengthen the sustainability of companies. Thus, here are some projects where we intervene:

  • Decision support (strategic committee)
  • Market research
  • Business plan editing
  • Implementation of presentation document (fundraising, due diligence)
  • Improvement of your value proposition
  • Identification of opportunities

Given the sensitivity of our actions, JTNH acts with efficiency, independence and under the strictest confidentiality. Especially when there is a significant strategic impact and time-limits.

“Building a project with JTNH means benefiting from a unique and effective approach.”

A modus operandi that combines transparency, trust and commitment

Our team will understand the specific challenges associated with your business and will accompany you step by step to build and carry out your strategic project. Our actions also have as a priority to defend your interests and those of your company.



With a degree in strategic marketing in industrial environments and after several years in the M-A unit of an international plastics group, Julien TARDY has developed specific knowledge in the conduct of negotiations, strategy and development in various sectors, industrial and tertiary. 

He is passionate about sports (rugby, trail, raid), boating and economic intelligence.   

Nicolas HONORET, Partner

With a degree in industrial management and applied finance, Nicolas HONORET has a solid background in finance and industrial production management. He has carried out several lean management and management control missions in international groups in diversified industrial sectors – such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, defence and aeronautics. 

He has international certifications in industrial and financial management – “BASICS of Supply Chain Management” – APICS and passionate about sports (rugby, football, wakeboarding), boating and travel.

Christian COUMANS, Partner (Lisboa office)

Christian COUMANS is a Belgian national with a degree in economics. He has more than 30 years of successful industry and finance experience in Top Management roles. He is a director of several international companies and is an expert in Mergers and Acquisitions in Europe and North America. 

He is passionate about golf, sailing and gastronomy.

Caroline CHAMEAU, Partner

Caroline CHAMEAU has a degree in business law. She has developed a strong expertise in taxation and operational management through a rich background in the Parisian real estate development group and within an international distribution group. 

She is passionate about creative cooking, outdoor sports and entrepreneurship.