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acquisiton et croissance externe


Consolidate your strategic positions or accelerate your development through an external growth.

Acquiring a company is an excellent way to grow rapidly and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. External growth operations allow you to strengthen your market positions, increase your geographical footprint or reach a critical size.

Our network of specialists, combined with an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, offer you a world of opportunities for external growth.

JTNH helps you to acquire companies that may or may not be in the process of being sold. JTNH has a portfolio of identified opportunities and a unique research unit. We have put in place a formidable mechanism for the rapid identification of the most
relevant targets.

We initiate and conduct negotiations to help you find the perfect deal.


JTNH’s approach

Sector knowing

– Transactions of companies with a turnover of €2M to €50M
– Definition of precise specifications (strategic review, market potential, competitive environment, identification and definition of acquisition criteria, development of a strategic plan, analysis of growth options, etc.)
– Search for relevant targets: Identification of potential targets, approach to these targets, strategic and financial commercial analysis of the selected targets, evaluation of synergies
– Approach of shareholder managers
– Conducting negotiations with efficiency and pragmatism
– Ability to operate in France, Western Europe and North America

Our strengths

An international presence

An understanding of entrepreneurial issues

A networks of specialists

An exclusive knowhow in the industry

" By implementing external growth projects, we help our clients to capture new markets, reduce customer/market dependency, increase investment capacity and strengthen innovation. ”


levée de fonds


Recomposition of capital & fund raising

JTNH has developed and maintained for many years privileged relationships with investors, industrial groups, investment funds or economic key players who are likely to participate in fundraising.
JTNH has an excellent vision of their strategic objectives, portfolios and investment criteria. We intervenes in the context of capital recomposition & fund raising.

Beyond strengthening the financial feasibility of a project, JTNH helps you obtain the best possible conditions for each case,
taking into account the particularities of the situations encountered.
Raising funds provides additional resources to implement a structuring strategy, for example to carry out an external growth

JTNH’s approach

mecanqiue- levée de fond - jtnh
  • Prepare and define with you the best time to launch the operation
  • Find the best potential investors (investment funds, industrialists, business angels, banks, etc.)
  • Compete the projects in order to optimize the conditions of the fundraising (valuation, accretion/dilution mechanisms,
    management package, guarantees, shareholders' agreement, governance, liquidity clauses…) or of the debt raising (rate,
    maturity, guarantees, covenants, commissions…).
  • Preparing the documentation useful for the operation (valuation of the company, financial mechanisms, control, presentation,
    creation of a dataroom, etc.)
  • Defend a high valuation
  • Carry out the mission within a short timeframe while preserving confidentiality
  • Conducting negotiations and providing you with a psychological relay to help you make the right decisions
  • Interact effectively with your advisors and with each other
  • Intervene in France, Western Europe and North America


étude de marchés


JTNH relies on strong multi-sector expertise to bring you the best marketing and strategic analyses. As a true partner in your
success, JTNH carries out customized studies to support your decision-making.
With a dozen studies conducted each year, our team is particularly experienced and familiar with industrial sectors.

JTNH uses sectoral analyses and established methods. We have built a network of intelligence specialists and we can deliver precise strategic recommendations.

This expertise leads us to be invited or members of strategic committees. We also intervene in the context of "strategic pivot" for
diversification projects. We establish and implement commercial action plans through our company SELLS. Link to our website

Our team accompanies you in your organic or external development. Our research approach is based on a close match
between supply and demand, through qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Our areas of intervention:
– Market research in complex environments (technical and industrial environments)
– Product or activity launch
– Market watch and competitive positioning
– Sector potential
– Search for key partnerships
– Definition of an operational commercial strategy
– Strategic refocusing
– Surveys & polls through our activity
The information delivered is:
– Rigorous and consistent
– Exclusive and independent
– Clear and user-friendly

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